【Rugby Park Japan creates a new environment for rugby in Japan. 】

The following are the part of the voices from the parents of the players

Parent of 2nd grade and 7th grade class (YCAC Class Spring Term)
Thank you for taking a good care of my sons. After they came back from the class, they told me “the coach praised me!”, “They taught me the hint of tuckle!”, “I could play better than before!” and they are so much fascinated by rugby.
Thanks for the coaches, I can see they are taking a fruitful lessons. Since they in Ruugby Park Japan, they are more fascinated by rugby and improving themselves.

Parent of 3rd grade class (Free Class April 21, 2010)
My kids were so excited at the opportunity to play with a star-player and college coach. He looks so happy when he was praised by the coach. He seems to be looking for the next class.

Parent of 8th grade (Free Class April 21, 2010)
Thank you for taking a good care yesterday.
He was happy that the advices that you gave him was fruitful and now he can through a screw ball to the left. Now he wants to join next week.
I know he wants to play rugby every day but his school doesn’t have a rugby club team. Now he can play rugby and he is so excited now.

Parent of 3rd grade (Free Class April 28, 2010)
I was thinking that we need a place, opportunity and coach to teach the joy of playing rugby. I believe RUGBY Park Japan will promote rugby itself but also promote the education of kids and their fitness. I hope your activities will be successful.

Parent of 7th grade (Free Class April 28, 2010)
We were introduced by our rugby school about Rugby Park Japan. At the rugby team of my son’s school and the rugby school, the practices are designed for A team and the coaches are tend to focus on those good players. However, the coaches in Rugby Park Japan always take a good care to each players and my son also got a lot of nice advices.
After joining in Rugby Park Japan, my son is so excited to see many elder players regardless of their own teams.
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