【Rugby Park Japan creates a new environment for rugby in Japan. 】

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■Safety of the Players
To lessen the bodily injuries of the players, we take the following preventions.

【Use the field where the safety is secured
We select the field after we examine the condition of the turf, lights and the conditions of the facilities.
【Review the contents of the training】

We instruct accordingly to the level and the skills of each players. We always take enough time for warm up and cool down.
【The management of the instructor and judgment at the emergency
All instructors have enough background as educator. They always pay attention to the conditions of each players and trained to manage themselves at the emergency.

In addition, Rugby Park Japan is in the following insurances.
■Sports Safety Association Accident Insurance - Sports Safety Association
■Official Sports Instructors General Insurance - Japan Amateur Sports Association
■Facility Owner (Management) Reliability Insurance - ACE Insurance
※Consulting Medical Doctor: Yuji Takazawa (Juntendo Unversity Hospital)
※Consulting Lawyer: Jyunji Tomita (Nagano Law Offices)

■We teach rugby based on the level of each players.
As Rugby Park Japan will not organize a match between the other rugby clubs, there is no competition among the players and each player can practice according to their level of the skills. There are players who want to play in the Olympic Games in 2016 and the World Cup in 2016.Also there are players who just started playing rugby or players just want to improve and be more successful player in their own team.

■Ability of Communication is the basis
Throughout being a rugby player, we want our students to be more successful rugby player. But, we want them to encourage themselves more as a person. Therefore, we think communication during the practice is important but also we always thing communication between coaches, parents, and players is very important.

■Rugby is fun!
For the classes for 1st -6th grade we simply want them to enjoy playing rugby. We want them to know that as long as we keep the rules, need to overcome the tough situation in the game, rugby is fun and understand that we need to
Once they are fascinated by the fun part of rugby, the next step is to play at the upper classes.

For the classes for 7-9th grade, we want them enjoy that they can improve themselves through rugby and enjoy the “team play”. I hope some will enjoying playing as a Japanese national team!

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