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■For being an independent Player
During the practice, we always ask our players, “why?”
“Why did you pass the ball?”, “why did you chose the particular play?”
By piling up the questions, “why?”, the players will play rugby with full intention, and they will practice rugby thinking what is the practice intending. This is one of the key to get closer to the top-players.

- Junior (Age 6 to 12)
■We encourages our players the interest to Rugby

There are various reasons and motivations that players started playing rugby Some said they saw rugby on TV, they played Tag Rugby before, their father plays rugby. We always encourage and motivate our players to deepen their interest and their motivation. Players enjoy playing and they will learn how to care the other friends and courage.

For the players from 1st to 6th grade, we call them “golden age” to make the solid basis in fitness which is the key to become a good player. The players from 1st-6th grade will not practice the contact-play each other but use the contact bag. However, when the players proved that they are able to do contact play, then we allow them to join in the basic practice with elders, 7th -9th grades.

-Junior Youth (Age 13 to 15)
■Pursue the core of Rugby and guide them to become a successful player at the high school

The most excited moment in rugby is to share the win with the team mates under the rule and the spirit of fair play. Rugby Park Japan is to teach the players to dedicate themselves to the their own team.

The way to dedicate their team varies. We will focus on our players to obtain;
1. Basic skills to find their advantages
2. Enough fitness skills to become a successful player at the high school and the rest of the rugby life,
3. Knowledge and understanding of physical strength to win the game

To achieve these purposes, we start the practice with repeating the basic training (including physical training), and advanced basic training using game methods.

The practice for tackling and crashing will start from 7th grade. However, as these actions might lead to a serious injure, we pay attention for the safety of the players.

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