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<Organization Name> Rugby Park Japan

April 5, 2010

<Mission Statement>
We would like our students to have healthy mind and body, kindness and cultivate the courage to fight against difficulties. Also, we will provide an environment to play rugby for kids.

<Our Activities>
1. To provide an environment to play and instruct rugby for students at elementary school and junior high school student.
2. To cultivate players and instructors.
3. Promote rugby and activities to encourage cultural activities.
4. Outdoor activities to promote friendship between then members and non-members
5. Every and all activities to achieve our activities mentioned herein above.

<Officers and Cooperators>
 Head Director :  Leo Kawai
 Chief Operating Officer : Takushi Hayashi
 Coaching Advisor : Masatoshi Mukoyama
 Legal Advisor : Junji Tomita (Nagano Legal Office)
 Medical Advisor : Dr.Yuji Takazawa (Juntendo University Hospital)
 Auditor : Yoshito Kijima (Kijima International Legal Office)

2-35-1-205, Setagaya, Okamoto, Tokyo 157-0076
tl:090-9246-3009 / 090-9246-3084

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