【Rugby Park Japan creates a new environment for rugby in Japan. 】


Rugby Park Japan creates a new environment for rugby in Japan.

The sixth largest numbers of rugby players in the world are now playing in Japan. However the environments to enjoy rugby are not enough in Japan.
For example some started to play rugby when they were in elementary school but there were no rugby clubs when they went to Junior High school or there were paying rugby at school. There are not enough clubs team active at weekdays even there is a demand for that. The kids want to play rugby even there are playing others sports as well.
For the kids who wanted to enjoy rugby who wanted to continue rugby, Rugby Park Japan has been establish to provide a new environment to enjoy and practise rugby.

■We don’t play matched on weekends
Rugby Park Japan is not a club team; it is a “Rugby class after school”. Players from different school, different club team gathered and practice rugby after school on a weekday. As we are not a club team we have not matches with other club teams. You can join even you are a player for another club team.

■We support junior high school students who want to play rugby.
One of the major reasons that we establish rugby Park Japan is to improve the environments for rugby for junior high school. Recently the numbers of players of rugby among elementary school are increasing but there are students who can’t continue playing rugby at junior high school because there were not rugby club teams in their junior high school.  And also some of those players join in the rugby school only on the weekend just because they cannot play at school.  But they have a lot of activities to do on the weekends because they need to join into club activities in their school. There for some even cannot play rugby on the weekends. Rugby Park Japan would like to provide an environment for them to play rugby on a weekday and want them to play rugby and want them to achieve their future dreams.

■Human Education
We would like our students not only to be a good player but also to be a person who can achieve their own dreams in the future. Our policy is to teach our students about communication ability, sociability and healthy person through playing rugby.

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